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What is the maximum distance between location A and B?

The distance to the first location (A) depends on your location of where you start your queste. If you're located outside Leiden city center your first location will be on a greater distance than if you're located inside the city center. Location B is in a radius of maximum 500 meters measured from where you are at that moment, but if there is within this range nothing available, the nearest location will be selected.

What to do if I can't or don't want to enter a location?

If a location is closed unexpectedly or if you do not want to enter a specific place for personal reasons, you can use the Joker. You can find the Joker in the upper right corner of the location profile. When using the Joker, you'll skip this place and a new location will be added to your route.

Can I pause my route and continue at a later time?

You can pause your route at any time after reaching your first bar and continue at a later time.
Keep in mind that a bar may be closed on continuation, so that another bar will be selected.

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